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Super Cute Android Apps

So I’m bored as fuck and have been trying to find some really cute android apps for my phone to replace the boring stock ones the Xperia x10 Mini comes with. I tried looking on some other blogs and databases but they don’t seem to be able to support my phone or are not really hitting the spot so I thought I might as well compile my own list! My phone specs: Its and Xperia X10 Mini and I use Go Launcher and Go Sms. Click the App Name to be linked to the Android Store!

Battery Manager:

Donuts Dog

Donuts Dog is a super cute App that lets you know how much battery life you have left by using a cute little sausage dog and the number of donuts around its belly! You can choose what colour your dog is, the types of donuts, background color and you can pin him to your home screen as a widget. He even says cute little things like “I love donuts”. This little guy is probably not the most useful App out there but who doesn’t want to think of battery-life in donut form right?

Cuteness rating: ♡♡♡

Price: Free!

Maid-san’s Battery Checker

Maid-San’s Battery Checker is SUPER cute. Like omg. I’m going to die. I love this and it’s defs my new fav app. The cute lil chibi Maid-san lets you know the exact percent of your battery left and changes moods as your battery life runs out until she face-plants :P You have to have this app. Enough said.

Cuteness rating: ♡♡♡♡♡

Price: Free!

Picture Editor:


Cornify is kind of pointless but brilliant. You can pretty much make any picture glittered with rainbows and unicorns in seconds! You can take new pictures, use images already on your phone, save them and then share them with the world just by clicking an innocent unicorn. We all love rainbows and unicorns so this App is a great waste of time when you need a little cheering up. Tacky, sickeningly cute and just down right awesome this App is a must have! I love ‘Cornifying’ pictures of friends who you really can’t describe as in tune with their cute side and sending them to them, now isn’t that sweet.

Cuteness rating: ♡♡♡♡

Price: Free!


Zap Zap Unicorn

Zap Zap Unicorn is a pretty cool game for those who don’t like confusing buttons, hard levels or using to much brain power. The aim of the game is to collect points by using your unicorns horn to zap the falling fruit before it touches the ground by touching one of the three coloured buttons on the side. Tilt your phone to move the unicorn right and left and zap away with your thumb.  Sounds easy right? Well… no, its not. I managed to finish my first game with -67 points… how is that even possible? Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty fun but until then you kinda just wanna give up. I Love the graphics, they are so simple and the unicorn is uber cute! I suggest everyone download and try this at least once and zap your way to fruity unicorn bliss!

Cuteness Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡

Price: Free!

Hot Springs Story

Hot Springs Story is a super addictive game! I downloaded the ‘lite’ version and am going to buy the full one. You are running a Onsen (Hot Spring Inn) in Japan and have to keep your ratings up, customers happy build, decorate and not run out of money. I love how its 8-bit-esque, it reminds me of the old pokemon days :P Its pretty easy to pick up but doesn’t get boring. I love this :3 It also comes in a Japanese version.

Cuteness Rating: ♡♡♡♡

Price: $5.00USD     – Click here for the free trial version!


Hello Kitty Weather Widget

Hello Kitty Weather Widget is pretty darn cool. I have been searching for a cute app that shows me the time and weather that I can pin to my home screen for a while and decided to go with this one since I love me some Hello Kitty. From the reviews, it’s not that accurate with the weather but who cares about that, I can look outside right? ;) You can add more cities if you are a frequent flier or are just checking up on a holiday destination whilst Hello Kitty overlooks the whole thing! The theme also changes depending on the weather which I think is darn cute. Is it worth buying? I think so.

Cuteness Rating: ♡♡♡

Price: $3.00 USD

Live Wallpaper:

Card’s island – Sweets

Card’s Island – Sweets is a cute Live Wallpaper. The Graphics are awesome and you can chose the colour background, how many glittery stars hthat twinkle over your desert and the position. One of my favorite live wallpapers so far but the only downside is that is is WAY too big for the screen so you only get a 1/4 of the picture at a time.

Cuteness Rating: ♡♡

Price: Free!


Vocaloid Clock Widget

Vocaloid Clock Widget is a cute widget for your android. Each vocaloid singer’s (Including the super cute Miku!) image can be set for a number representing the time. Its pretty cute and smal enough to not be too intrusive. I haven’t found out how to make it 12hour at the moment so thumbs down for that. At least it will help me brush up my 24hour clock skills. It even has seconds so the pictures change constantly which I like. Also from the looks of things it doesn’t take up too much battery power. Thumbs up for this app :)

Cuteness Rating: ♡♡♡

Price: Free!


Miku – Go Launcher Theme

This Hatsune Miku theme for Go Launcher is my favorite theme of all time, even the payed ones! It’s very clean and stylish and has a wide range of icons which are super cute and easy to see. It also comes with other background pictures of Miku for super customization :P The only downside is the background for the App Drawer style is too modern, they could have made it go with the theme a little better in my opinion but you can change the background of it anyway so it’s not a big deal at all. I use this theme all the time and definitely recommend it. If you don’t know who Miku is you need to Google her!

Cuteness Rating: ♡♡♡♡

Price: Free!


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