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The misadventures of an adventurer.

Anyway so as I was walking around outside our bomb site of a home looking at all the concrete going in and what not, I thought the best vantage point would be on the top of a rather large pile of dirt to view the current stage the builders are at in constructing our new house. After finding the view quite spectacular for a short amount of time, the new novelty became the softness of the dirt I was standing on. Releasing my inner child I began to see how far I could sink into the top of the dirt pile, stamping my feet up and down close together. All was fun and games until I realized I was half way up my gumboots and I was stamping in clay. I tried to remove my feet, bracing all my weight on one foot and trying to pull the other up but this only pushed me deeper. Things were not looking up as I was now sunk up to the top of my boots. Deciding to call for help, dad came to my rescue by first looking at me, laughing and then saying “You’ll have to stay up there all night, won’t you!” and then disappearing round the back of the house. “But I really am stuck!” I shouted and so with much reluctance dad climbed to my aid. Unsuccessfully trying to pull my feet out and with some very close encounters to dirt in the face, one of my feet was finally free. Balancing on the free foot, I slipped my foot out of the other boot which could then be dug out by dad.


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