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Cataclysmic Events

So this morning, over two cups of tea and very delicious apple turnover I flicked through the Farmers Weekly. Ah what you get for living rural eh? Never the less the letters to the editor section always appeals to me. It must be something to do with picturing farmers in stubbys and wellies trying to have civilized debates. (No doubt Gim Tow will throw his little red book at me for this one so no offense is intended) I happened to come across a real gem entitled “Jim got it wrong”.

“Jim Whittle (May 17) is mistaken to refer to the Moriori as a myth. They were here long before the Moari and there is record of their existence in the National Archives. The few remaining on the Chatham Islands were brutally murdered by Maori from Taranaki. To say we once had Celts living here is not as impossible as one would think.

The earth’s land mass was all in once pace until something cataclysmic happened what caused the earth’s crust to shatter. Fact cam be stranger than fiction and the Celts could have easily walked here over a few thousand years ago.”

Joyce Chapman. Wellsford

First reaction. Lol. It just so happens that the earths land mass was never in one place and the era they are referring to is the Triassic period in which Pangaea separates at about 0-1000mm a year. 251 MILLION YEARS AGO. Awesome. Yes. Caused by Cataclysmic events? No. Sorry love but last time I checked, humans weren’t running round riding dinosaurs. The Celts only existed 1200BC when the Triassic, Jurassic and blah blah blah was long gone. Unless they were distant ancestors to Jesus then they wouldn’t have been walking to New Zealand.

But with these fails, fiction definately provides more lulz than fact. I think we can safely say that Joyce got it wrong.

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