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Balls and Randoms

So last night it was our schools last senior ball. Tear. The secret garden theme was gorgeous and defs one of the best I’ve been to :D. Yet the DJ’s talent and music taste lacked some what and reached an all time low in the night when Dave Dobbyn’s Slice Of Heaven was played. That just brought up memories of flares, too much eye shadow and thinking ┬ádancing with boys was revolting, ah the Disco’s of our youth. Apart from Bieber fever and the classics of 09, Led Zeppelin somehow managed to slip in there, turning out to be a real dance floor killer. Never the less, while the year 13’s where enjoying themselves fist-pumping, lounging on tables and having a ball (pun intended) the year twelves were vomiting on teachers arms, photo-hogging and flouncing in drunken stupors. Real classy kids. You can’t dislike them all though, as I did meet some very nice year 12’s afterwards.

It was an all round great night and let’s face it, without the low point’s what else would there be to have a laugh at?

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