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Insert Brain Damage Here

See, I told you, not much important stuff.

Trawling the net, I came across this article about a 17-year-old kid in Jilin,┬áChina who whilst playing CounterStrike at a net cafe, decided to cheat and use a “Wallhack” so see through walls. Subsequently getting a carving knife shoved in his head by outraged gamers. Apparently the knife only stopped from coming out the other side because it reached the inside wall of his skull. Nice.

He was fully conscious when the ambulance arrived and didn’t get any kind of impairing to his motor skills. Lucky or what? The knife managed to dodge important parts and blood vessels in his brain. Sounds like his brain didn’t contain very many ‘important parts’. But then again that’s what you get for playing CounterStrike.

More disappointingly, they didn’t catch the assault troop (haha, good one) as they “ran away”. What I want to know is how did a group of fat gamers who live off takeaway and all-nighters simply “run away”? Ahhh, nothing like some real action that gets your heart rate up. Although I’ve heard CoD does the same trick.

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